One of the responsibilities of HMRC is to issue the Working Tax Credit to those who are qualified to receive it. Support for this benefit is made available through the working tax credit contact number 0870 280 7801, as well as through email. This credit provides monthly payments to those who submit a claim and are approved to receive funds. The information provided in this article helps to explain the qualifications for approval, how the credit system works, and what you need to do to receive your share of funds. Working tax credit contact information is also provided for those who need help.

Qualifications for the Working Tax Credit

The basic qualifications for approval are linked to age and employment status. Applicants will need to have either a child or disability to be considered for approval if between the ages of 16 and 24. Anyone who is at least 25 years old simply needs to be employed to be considered for approval. Other considerations include the amount of money that one earns, and the number of hours that are spent working each week. Every situation is different, so it is best to use working tax credit contact number 0870 280 7801 to talk with an agent who can take your details and let you know if you should complete the application process.

In addition to the aforementioned qualifications, other factors are used to determine the amounts that are paid out. These include the amount of money that you earn, whether or not you pay for child care, whether or not you are disabled, and more. Again, every situation is going to be different, which means that you likely will not receive the same amount of money as others. An HMRC agent can help by providing you with an estimate. The provided online tax credits calculator can help as well. There is no cost to use this tool, and it can be found on the website.

Receiving Working Tax Credit Payments

If you apply for this credit and are approved, a bank account will be needed to accept payment. Other banking methods may also be accepted. Use the working tax credit contact information provided here to call an agent and inquire about the accepted methods. One payment is received for every four weeks, and continues on until the conclusion of the tax year. If a scheduled payment is late or missing, call the working tax credit helpline by dialing 0870 280 7801. It could be that the wrong account number was provided, or some other type of problem requires correction so that your payment can process correctly.

Renewal, Checks, and Change Reporting for Recipients

Yearly renewal is required if you wish to continue to receive payments. This will not require that you fill out and submit a new claim form, however. In addition to yearly renewal, certain changes will need to be reported at other times if they occur. Examples of changes that need to be reported include a change in income (earning more or less than you did before), births, deaths, changes to disability status, and more. All who agree to accept the Working Tax Credit agree to report certain changes if they occur. Working tax credit telephone number 0870 280 7801 can be used to call and make a report.

Checks may be requested at any time of the year. These are requested by HMRC, and you will be notified if you need to complete one. The purpose of a check is to make sure that recipients are receiving the correct amount of benefits. These are routinely completed for all types of credits and benefits, and the selection process is typically random. If you are selected for a check, simply provide the information that has been requested to HMRC by the deadline so as to continue to meet the conditions for receiving payment.

HMRC does an excellent job of simplifying the process of applying to receive credits and benefits. The qualifications are quite straightforward, and those who do have questions can always call working tax credit number 0870 280 7801 to get answers. There are, of course, some conditions that must be met, and it is important to follow the rules as outlined. A larger number of people do qualify to receive the Working Tax Credit, and may receive other credits in addition to this. To find out if you qualify, use the working tax credit contact information provided here to contact HMRC and complete the quick, 5-minute screening process.