The Child Support Agency, or CSA for short, offers support to individuals who want help with setting up child maintenance payments. Help and guidance are available to mothers and fathers who can come to an agreement independently, as well as to those who are unable to. CSA contact number 0870 280 7792 offers one contact method for individuals who would like to talk with an agent. There are criteria that need to be met so as to utilize this service, and service fees may need to be paid. More details about CSA are provided just below.

Applications for Child Maintenance Service assistance can be submitted by either parent, but support payments are typically paid to the parent that the child lives with. Grandparents and/or other legal guardians may also submit applications for assistance. Maintenance payments are meant to help with the daily costs linked to bringing up a child, and therefore awarded to the parent or person who is in charge of their care. Be aware that CSA is presently only dealing with established cases. All new claims need to be started with Child Maintenance Service (CMS). All CSA contact inquires need to be in connection with established cases.

CSA number 0870 280 7792 enables you to get in touch with a representative Monday through Friday. Agents are available on Saturday also. A representative will go over arrangement possibilities together with you, supply a reference number, and offer instructions for how to submit a case application if you choose to do pursue payments. The initial step consists of talking to Child Maintenance Options and going over the details of the prospective case. CMO agents are not able to discuss pre-existing CSA or Child Maintenance Service claims. Alternatively, CMO will provide you with facts that will enable you to make an educated decision about opening a case.

Specific information must be provided in order to open a case. This includes details about the child (or children) listed in the case, as well as details relating to the parents. National Insurance numbers may need to be provided, in addition to bank account details for payment. An application charge of £20 may need to be paid. However, this fee could be waived in some instances, such as for domestic violence victims. Details that are provided are likely to be used to attempt to establish maintenance payments, and may be used to search out the parent who is required to make payments (if contact details are not available). Any information provided with also be used to determine monthly payment amounts.

Maintenance payments can be arranged in several different ways, including direct payments from the paying parent to receiving parent, payments which come from the payer’s earnings, and direct fund transfers via the CMS payment service. Phone Child Maintenance number 0870 280 7792 if you’d like help with setting up payments. The payment sum may be decided on by CSA, however, it can also be decided on by both parents. When the amount cannot be agreed upon, CMS will then make the decision of the amount of money that is required to be paid by the paying parent monthly. This decision will be based upon several factors, such as the number of children and earnings.

The receiving parent pays a 4% fee when the CMS ‘Collect and Pay’ service is utilized. This fee is subtracted from the monthly amount that they receive. The paying parent is required to pay a 20% fee, and this is charged in addition to the standard maintenance charge. Fees can be avoided by opting for Direct Pay, and setting up your own arrangements. Fees can also be avoided if your case is managed by the agency. Contact CSA by calling 0870 280 7792 if you wish to talk about payment agreement specifics, or require assistance with submitting owed money or recovering payments that are due to you. Help is available for both the receiving parent, as well as the one who is making payments.

If maintenance payments are not paid as arranged, the CSA may take action. If this is necessary, enforcement fees can be charged to the paying parent. These fees can reach £300 or more, dependent upon what action is taken. If required, maintenance payment funds can be subtracted from the payer’s job earnings or their pension. Furthermore, much more serious action, such as imprisonment can occur for non-payment. Of course, none of these actions will be taken if payments are made as agreed. For more information about the collection procedures, ring CSA contact number 0870 280 7792.